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Criminal DWI Charges and License Revocation Hearings

Being arrested for DWI (DUI or drunk driving) can be a frightening, confusing, humiliating experience. For most people, it is their first contact with the criminal justice system. At the Weatherford, Texas, law firm of Vick Carney, we have handled thousands of DWI cases. Our criminal defense attorney takes a strong, aggressive approach to each DWI case.

If you have been arrested for DWI or if a loved one has been arrested, contact an experienced DWI defense attorney at Vick Carney. Whether you are facing your first DWI, or a second or third offense, our attorney will listen to you, investigate your case, explain the law, explore your options, and guide you through this difficult situation. Using aggressive drunk driving defense strategies, we will seek every opportunity to lessen the damage to your freedom and reputation.

Warning: You Must Request an ALR Hearing Within 15 Days of Your DWI Arrest or Your Driver's License Will Be Suspended

DWI Defense Solutions

Our first step in your DWI defense will be to fight the suspension of your Texas driver's license. If you failed a breath test or refused a breath test, Texas law mandates a fast-track procedure to revoke your driving privileges. For most people, it is critical that they keep their driver's license.

You have only 15 days after your DWI arrest for your attorney to submit a proper written demand for a hearing to contest suspension of your Texas driver's license. If you fail to meet this absolute deadline, you will not even be given the benefit of any court hearing to determine this issue. Your driver's license will be automatically suspended without a judge ever hearing your case.

Our DWI defense attorney begins your defense prior to the Administrative License Revocation (ALR) trial. We will obtain discovery of the police reports and affidavits. We will determine whether the best strategy is to issue subpoenas for the arresting officers. If so, the officers are required to travel to the State Office of Administrative Hearings in Fort Worth to testify. If the subpoenaed officers are unable to appear, you will most often win the hearing by default. The procedural rules are heavily stacked against the defense, but we know the rules well and will fight your license suspension.

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Aggressive Defense at Administrative License Revocation Hearings at the ALR trial, we will continue your defense, contesting the police reports and cross-examining subpoenaed officers. Our attorney will pin down the details concerning why you were stopped and how your blood alcohol content (BAC) was tested. The point is this: even if your license is suspended, the court's transcript of the ALR trial can provide critical evidence for negotiations and for trial of the DWI case.

No one can guarantee the outcome of your DWI case. But, our law firm can assure you that our defense attorneys have the experience (thousands of cases) and the determination to protect your rights in both the ALR hearing and your criminal case.

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Our law firm and our defense lawyers have excellent reputations and working relationships with prosecutors and with law enforcement. We also have connections with rehabilitation and counseling resources that can potentially help minimize any sentence.

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